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These links are provided as a convenient reference for SQL Tools programmers.
Perfect Sync does not endorse any of the products, services, or web sites
that are listed here. Inclusion on this page does not indicate that an
ODBC driver, for example, has been tested by Perfect Sync.


Microsoft MDAC Downloads

The MDAC package includes Driver Manager software that is required for all databases, plus drivers for Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, and dBase. Jet drivers can also be downloaded. For Microsoft FoxPro see More Microsoft MDAC Downloads below.

ODBC Drivers for Microsoft Access and Excel 2007

SQL Summit's ODBC Driver List

DataDirect ODBC Drivers


QuickBooks: QODBC




The Connection String Reference (

Connection String Syntax (MSDN)

Carl Prothman's Connection String Home Page



Microsoft Office Developers Forums

For Access and Excel, plus other Office components.

Microsoft ODBC Overview

More Microsoft MDAC Downloads

Jet and FoxPro Drivers, and lots of other downloadable files.

Installing MDAC

Microsoft MDAC Developer's Kit

The ultimate MDAC package, although because it concentrates on API-level access most SQL Tools programmers will never need it.

Microsoft Access

Access Data Types

Stored Procedures in Microsoft Access

ODBC Driver for Access 2007 (*.accdb Files)

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