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These online documents are provided for pre-sale, historical, and other reference purposes. They do not supercede or modify the License Agreements that are provided with the various Perfect Sync Development Tool installation packages.


SQL Tools Version 3.00 through 3.99

Graphics Tools Version 2.00 through 2.99

Console Tools Version 2.50 through 2.99

Legacy Versions

For these older versions
Contact Perfect Sync

SQL Tools Version 2.00 through 2.99
SQL Tools Version 1.00 through 1.99
Graphics Tools Version 1.00 through 1.99
Console Tools Version 1.00 through 2.49
Air/Traffic Controller 1.00 through 6.32
SpotCheck 1.00 through 1.12
DOSBox Tools 1.00 through 1.99

Perfect Sync Software License Agreements are agreements between the users of our products and Perfect Sync, Inc., even if you obtain the product from one of our Authorized Resellers.

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