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If simply clicking a link doesn't initiate the download, try RIGHT-clicking and selecting "Save Target As".



SQL Tools Version 3 - CHM
SQL Tools Version 3 - HLP
SQL Tools Version 3 - PDF
SQL Tools Version 2 - PDF

Graphics Tools Version 2 - PDF

Console Tools Version 2 - PDF



Console Tools Demo Program



Please check your product's version number against the Current Version Number before you download an update.

If a new version is available, locate the email from your Authorized Reseller (usually PowerBASIC) that contains your original download instructions.

Repeat that process, using all of the same codes, and you will receive the latest version.

The new version's runtime files will automatically recognize the same Perfect Sync Authorization Code as your original files.

If you can't locate the necessary email, please contact your Authorized Reseller.
If you have any other problems, Contact Perfect Sync.

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