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Perfect Sync provides ongoing technical support to existing licensees -- same as always -- but
as of 01 January, 2013 Console Tools has retired.

It is now living comfortably on a beach in Florida.

Console Tools was originally developed for PowerBASIC Console Compiler (PBCC) version 1.0 programmers.
Over the years, many Console Tools functions have been integrated directly into PBCC, and
free source code is available on the PowerBASIC Peer Support forum for some other functions.

Console Tools made it easier to use the buggy and quirky Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME consoles.
Windows Platform 1 systems are no longer an issue for the great majority of Windows programmers.

Console Tools was also intended to help programmers move from PB/DOS to PBCC more transparently.
Most of those ships have sailed, and for those still at sea, see reason #1

Windows XP and Win7 included many look-and-feel changes, and some functions no longer
perform to our satisfaction on most Windows systems. Nothing critical, just not... pretty.
For example some of the GUI elements have an "old-fashioned Windows" look.

We can't even compile the Console Tools DLL any more, at least not without booting an ME box
that we keep in the basement for playing DOOM. That's because Console Tools was
written and maintained with PB/DLL-16, which won't run on modern Windows.

The current distribution version of Console Tools was compiled in 2003.


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